A tesselated paper folded sculpture that is inspired by the polygonal porcelain of "Vjemy" design studio.

Sculpture was designed for the exhibition stand of Vjemy design studio at Designblok 2016. The shape of the sculpture is informed by the work of the studio – polygonal kitchen porcelain and the undulating surface of the oak table from their portfolio. Does the resulting sculpture remind a burning flame, wind vortex or a swirl of strange geometric creatures?

Input data  are processed by a special algorithm in which the individual parameters successively define the genesis of the digital model. The final form is transferred from the virtual world to reality and becomes the centrepiece of the studio’s trade fair stand.


Adam Cigler, Světlana Ciglerová /Studio Vjemy/




Folded paper, porcelain 

Pattern emerges when certain rules are introduced to a chaotic and unorganized set of elements.