Captured by the shadows of the oak, the landscapes of the Vltava, the gentle hum of tranquility, and the embrace of love, this bench tells a story. Every moment passing by, a gesture to the past, it serves as a poignant reminder of memories and the rings worn upon hands.

Drawing inspiration from the twigs kindled for a fire, the grain of wood, or the construction of a raft, this seat is a marvel of design. Four steel rods anchor it to the ground, held in embrace by metallic frames. Two are rigidly connected, while two others can be adjusted with nuts. These frames clutch a prism of meticulously crafted oak logs, collected from nearby oak groves. The solid wooden block appears to levitate above the ground, offering a comfortable perch. A flat steel strip carries a dedication to the “Dvořákovi” couple, giving them a privileged claim to their wedding bench.

Co-author, Construction
Adam Cigler
Oak branches, steel