In a world dominated by impersonal digital exchanges, the traditional technology of pneumatic tubes offers a contrasting touchpoint. The exposed sculpture, fashioned from functional tubing, stands as a dominant feature within the central atrium, bridging a dialogue between age-old systems and contemporary human communication.

Taking its cue from fluid design principles, the main sculpture above the reception derives its form, capturing the essence of “Form follows Flow.” The governing curves of parametric code coupled with the concept of spatial fluidity conjure a seamless brushstroke in three-dimensional space, encapsulating inspiration from organic architecture, fluidic forms, and futuristic materials.

The sculpture’s design pushes the boundaries of the traditionally rigid pneumatic tube technology, morphing it into expressive forms while maintaining its inherent functionality. Utilizing parametric design allows for the creation of this expressive element while preserving a simple structure and fundamental principles. Suspended above the reception in the entrance atrium, its expressive shape combined with the chosen transparent material captivates visual attention.

Prague, CZ
Ivo Kratochvíl
Polycarbonate, stainless steel, pneumatic tube post elements