At first glance, one is met with a serene dance of wine bottles, each rising from a plywood foundation. Their collective tilt weaves an image of the sea’s rhythmic waves. Evoking emotions of nostalgia, one is transported to tales of castaways sending crucial messages in bottles, hoping against hope for them to reach a distant shore.

Diving deeper into its structure, the foundation, composed of meticulously layered plywood, is an engineering marvel. Crafted with exactness, each layer boasts specially cut openings. These openings cradle the neck of the wine bottles, ensuring they maintain their poignant direction. Sans the bottles, the base itself narrates a tale of design intricacy, a beautiful juxtaposition of layers and voids.

Designed with the finesse of a computer algorithm, this sculpture’s adaptability in size showcases its versatility, making each piece as singular and memorable as a message drifting endlessly in the ocean.

Adam Cigler
Glass bottles, plywood