The world's first and only fully custom 3D printed cycling saddle

Ride the Future

The Joyseat isn’t just another saddle—it’s a revolution in cycling comfort and personalization. Born out of the genuine needs of cyclists desiring more from their rides, this breakthrough product by Posedla reimagines the boundaries of cycling tech and redefines the relationship between a rider and their bike.

Computational Desing, Mass Customization Strategy
Posedla s. r. o.
TPU padding, carbon-fiber rails & shell

Tailored Cycling Experience

Offering unparalleled comfort tailored to each rider, the Joyseat is the world’s premier 3D-printed saddle, meticulously crafted to align with the rider’s unique sit bone structure and ride preferences. A culmination of two years of rigorous research and development, every Joyseat emerges from a synergy between a rider’s physical imprint, their ride preferences, and state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques. This harmony of technology and human touch has propelled Joyseat to global recognition, finding its place in 32 markets worldwide and becoming the talk of the cycling community.

Obsession Meets 3D Printing

Beyond its customized design, the Joyseat showcases the wonders of Multi Jet Fusion technology. The algorithm developed by Posedla transforms rider data into tangible comfort, enabling individual saddle components to have varying stiffness levels. This patented approach not only disrupts the traditional mold of saddle production but sets a new gold standard for it. Each saddle is a testament to Posedla’s commitment to innovation, precision, and top-tier quality—all produced with pride in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic.

Behind Joyseat's Innovative Design

At the core of Joyseat’s groundbreaking design is a harmonious blend of collaboration and forward-thinking vision. The project, from its inception, was deeply rooted in the ethos of merging mass customization with the latest in digital fabrication. The saddle’s distinctive shape, combined with the intricate lattice structure, reflects a commitment to rider comfort and biomechanical efficiency.

This commitment extends beyond the saddle’s physical aspects, as evidenced by the development of a unique generation script that seamlessly integrates rider data, ensuring each Joyseat becomes a testament to both function and individual rider identity. This journey, driven by a collective passion and dedication, has propelled Joyseat to the forefront of cycling innovation.