A kinetic sculpture made of 85 robotically controlled mirrors

Immersive Mirror

Reflexion presents a wall of dynamic mirrors that not only capture but also morph the world around them. As viewers step onto the lit stage, they seamlessly integrate with the artwork. Their reflections are captured, fragmented, and woven into new narratives alongside fellow spectators and the ambient environment.

This creation evokes the aura of a futuristic dreamscape, acting as a vertical pool of liquid memories. It doesn’t just reflect—it absorbs and narrates. As the mirrors ripple and wave, individual reflections are pixelated and transformed, sometimes merging with another, or fading into the surrounding tableau.

Adam Cigler
First presented at
Signal Festival Prague, CZ
Partner of the Art
Prusa Research
Production Partner
Tomáš Slavík, Jan Hromádko

Crafted Choreography

These mirrors don’t move by chance. Every motion follows a special animation crafted by the artists, tailored to the theme of the event and the nuances of the space. This choreography is enhanced by bespoke ambient lighting and a soundtrack—a collaborative masterpiece suited to the moment. Both sound and light dance in sync with the mirror’s movements, offering an unparalleled, venue-specific audiovisual journey.

Reflexion at Constellations Festival

The human attraction to water, stemming from ancient times, is both mesmerizing and introspective, with water serving as our first mirror, grounding our identity. The decaying church, juxtaposed with an alien water altar, symbolizes our conflicting legacyemerging technology offers solutions while we neglect the environment, yet water remains paramount to our survival.

Visitors face a morphing vertical surface, an exhibition piece that contorts their reflection. This technologically advanced artifact ties our present to the age-old act of self-reflection in water, urging a contemplation of progress versus our bond with life’s essentials.

Metz, FR
Ray Baseley
Matyáš Cigler, Jon Rosůlek

Reflexion at Vektroskop III

In the intricate realm of David Vrbík’s multimedia event, the presence of “Reflexion” played a pivotal role, symbolizing the fusion of audio-visual correlation. This convergence of media trendsetters and archeologists cohesively addressed potent theme of empathy. Through artistic interpretations, the event magnified the evolving interface of art and our contemporary technological society. Notably, the intertwining of elite jazz and electronic dance artists with the nuances of programmed and robotic objects provided a unique sensory experience for attendees.

One of the standout segments was a Sunday evening jam, a melange of motion-music, deeply influenced by the cyberpunk ethos of William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”. As artists wielded a range of musical, visual, and technological tools, there was a palpable exploration of forward-thinking themes, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the expansive realms of cyberspace. “Reflexion” seamlessly integrated within these elements, further augmented during its stint at Divadlo Archa in 2020. There, artists were granted a canvas to investigate intricate interplays of lights, precision with lasers, and the soundscape emanating from the sculpture, elevating the overall artistic narrative of the event.

Archa Theatre, CZ
Dušan Vondra, Petr Vacek
David Vrbík

Making of Reflexion

production management
Ondřej Kašpárek, Jan Hanzelka
Marek Šilpoch, Mateo San
firmware, electronics, network
Matěj Suchánek, Bob Heida
3D print specialist
Michal Trnečka
CNC milling
Dalibor Souček
structural calculations
Martin Múčka
Jakub Kmošek
special thanks to
all volunteers who helped us build this