Art4leg Prosthesis Covers

The ART4LEG cover transcends the mundane limitations of prosthetic design by molding itself into an anatomic representation of the leg. More than a mere cover, it becomes an extension of the individual, preserving the original volume and attributes, mirroring the very essence of the person’s leg through a 3D scan. The unique surface structure speaks volumes, echoing the character, and narrating the lifestyle of its wearer.

Delving deeper, the ART4LEG cover stands as a testament to tailored design. It boasts of a spectrum of designs from pure, perforated, patterned to organic, each bringing forth a distinct appearance, each a reflection of the individual’s persona. The duality of its innovative attachment system, using high-powered magnets, ensures that the panels remain snug while also endorsing hassle-free removal, merging fashionable style with sophisticated functionality.

Product Design and Scripting
Product Designer
Tomáš Vacek
PA12 Nylon Shell

The Advantage of Mass Customization

Embodying the prowess of computational design, ART4LEG cover epitomizes the potential of mass customization. At the heart of each cover lies an unique generative script. Altering input parameters, such as the 3D scanned pointcloud, size, circumference, and aesthetic demands, unlocks an unparalleled array of variants. The outcome? A product meticulously tailored to client parameters, handcrafted with cutting-edge 3D printing technology from the durable PA12 (nylon) material.