A kinetic sculpture made of 85 robotically controlled mirrors

Morphing the Reality

Dive deep into the realm of “Fluidum”, an avant-garde robotic sculpture, intricately fashioned with 85 robotically controlled mirrors. Evoking the serenity of a vertical water surface, these mirrors are methodically laid out in a compelling geometric symmetry. As you move closer, they ripple and shift, offering a transformative dance that redefines your reflection, immersing you in an ethereal world while blurring the boundaries of fantasy and reality, of self and art.

World Expo2020
Dubai, UAE
Partner of the Art
Prusa Research
Production Partner

An Introspective Evolution

Drawing rich inspiration from the primal man’s awe-filled encounter with his reflection in water, “Fluidum” isn’t just a visual spectacle—it’s a poignant introspection. In an age of incessant digital notifications and ceaseless momentum, this work of art brings forth existential musings: “Who are we? Where are we heading?“. The mirror, as the sculpture suggests, serves as a bridge, juxtaposing our technology-laden present with a simpler, contemplative past, prompting viewers to pause and delve deeper into their psyche.

Immersive Mirror

The creation of “Fluidum” finds its roots in the legacy of the critically acclaimed 2019 installation “Reflection”, a collaboration between Petr Vacek and Adam Cigler for the Prague Signal light festival. While “Reflection” carved a niche for itself, touring globally at audiovisual art festivals, “Fluidum” was conceived with a singular vision for the World Expo. Beyond the legacy of its predecessor, “Fluidum” embarks on a bolder journey, introducing a mesmerizing third dimension of mirror movement, heightening the depth and intimacy of the viewer’s engagement, making every encounter uniquely personal and profound.

Mirror wall moving so fluidly one would think they are the waves of the ocean.

Making of Fluidum

Every intricate detail of “Fluidum” was made possible by the expertise of the dedicated team at PrusaLab makerspace. Much like the end credits roll for a film, acknowledging those who worked behind the scenes, it’s essential to recognize the individuals who played pivotal roles in crafting this exceptional artistic machine. Without their skill and dedication, “Fluidum” wouldn’t have come to life in the extraordinary way it has.

production management
Ondřej Kašpárek, Roman Schiller, Tereza Vaníková
firmware, electronics, network
Matěj Suchánek
production team
Stanislav Wasserbauer, Lukáš Kramer, Michal Trnečka, Aleks Ristić, Bedřich Štěpánek, Martin Šťastný, Jan Jakš, Leoš Hort, Jiří Tyl, Gabi Novotná, Max Klimeš
Jiří Tyl, Jakub Kmošek, Vojtěch Bartoš
special thanks to
Jiří Zemánek (kinematics), Aleš Hrabě (coding)