A robotic sculpture composed of 85 robotically controlled mirrors representing a vertical water surface. Arranged in a strictly geometric pattern, these mirrors hypnotically ripple, morph and transform the viewer's own reflection, creating an unexpected experience.

World Expo2020
Duabi, UAE
Partner of the Art
Prusa Research
Created in

Fluidum steals the image of reality and disintegrates it into individual fragments, which the sculpture mixes, transforms and puts into new and unexpected contexts of its own accord. It is inspired by the experience of a prehistoric man gazing in wonder at the surface of the water in which he sees himself for the first time. The mirror thus offers a parallel between a technology-laden present in which it is increasingly difficult to stop, reflect deeply and ask: “Who are we? Where are we going?” 

The work is a sequel to the successful 2019 installation Reflection, which Petr Vacek created in collaboration with Adam Cigler for the Prague Signal light festival and which is now touring audiovisual art festivals around the world. The Fluidum sculpture, however, was created specifically for the World Expo. Compared to Reflection, it opens up a third dimension of mirror movement and pushes the boundaries of the viewer’s experience to a more intimate level. 

Mirror wall moving so fluidly one would think they are the waves of the ocean.

Making Of

Complex artpiece such as Fluidum won’t be possible to build without a team of skilled experts from PrusaLab makerspace. If Fluidum were a movie, there people would be mentioned in the end credits: 

production management

Tereza Vaníková, Ondřej Kašpárek, Roman Schiller

firmware, electronics, network

Matěj Suchánek

production team

Stanislav Wasserbauer, Lukáš Kramer, Michal Trnečka, Aleks Ristić, Bedřich Štěpánek, Martin Šťastný, Jan Jakš, Leoš Hort, Jiří Tyl, Gabi Novotná, Max Klimeš


Jiří Tyl, Jakub Kmošek, Vojtěch Bartoš

special thanks to

Jiří Zemánek (kinematics), Aleš Hrabě (coding)