Nestled within the scenic confines of Nová Bystřice’s castle garden, our temporary project introduced an experimental gridshell structure, juxtaposing avant-garde architectural flair with the area’s historical ambiance. As a fleeting yet memorable installation, present for a mere two months, this structure stood as a testament to geometric elegance in contemporary design, even in transient settings.

On the technical front, this ephemeral masterpiece was conceived in the Grasshopper 3D environment, capitalizing on the strengths of parametric modeling. Through extensive evaluations, the design crystallized into a form inspired by an equilateral triangle. Comprised of spruce slats with 20/50 mm profiles, the structure exhibits a meticulous triangular network. Originally assembled flat, it was subsequently raised, with the induced tension imbuing it with necessary rigidity. This design philosophy underscores the possibility of achieving expansive coverage with minimal material use, demonstrating ingenuity in experimental construction paradigms.

Design, Scripting and Construction
Nová Bystřice, CZ
Patrik Šarmír, Radek Podorský
Spruce timber, bolts