A sculpture inspired by the Slovak ballad "Zakliata panna vo Váhu a divný Janko"

Poetic Inspiration in Sculpted Form

Drawing inspiration from Janko Kráľ’s “Zakliata panna vo Váhu a divný Janko,” the sculpture stands proudly near a park that echoes the poet’s name. At its core, a sophisticated loop challenges viewers, appearing as separate entities from certain perspectives, yet seamlessly melding into two continuous arches upon closer inspection.

Bratislava, SK
WOOD & Company
Photo credits
Tomáš Slavík Photography
3 x 3 x 7,5 m

A Portal to Timelessness and Longing

Layered in its depth, the artwork commands attention from afar with its striking geometry. Move closer, and a world unfolds: irregular metal perforations offer glimpses of poetic verses, urging viewers to lean in, to discover, to engage.

Evoking portals and grand gateways, its elliptical arches resonate with the poignant tale of Janko and the enchanted maiden, bound eternally by longing. Crafted in rust, the piece not only encapsulates the relentless march of time but also contrasts age-old poetic elegance with dynamic modern geometry, celebrating both the timeless nature of change and our ever-present thirst for understanding.