A collection of letter aggregates: Pride, Cruelty, Wildness, and Boldness


Inspired by a profound verse from the ballad, the intricate psyche of the main protagonist is sculpted into four abstract forms – The Characters: Pride, Cruelty, Wildness, and Boldness. These forms are birthed from the recycled material collected during the creation of the sculpture ‘Divnô’.

Bratislava, SK
WOOD & Company
Welded Cor-ten, 50 x 50 x 80 cm


Initially, the isolated letters, cut from sheets while crafting the text of the ballad, are devoid of meaning. Letters conventionally gain significance when grouped aptly into clusters – words, delivering a collective meaning understood by individuals through reading. However, ‘Characters’ explores an alternative sense of letters, morphing them into visual narratives.


By grouping individual letters into abstract aggregates, new objective texts are created. These can be visually perceived akin to words, yet remain unspoken, compelling a deeper level of human interpretation. Each cluster, now an abstract narrative, demands an imaginative endeavor to grasp its individual meaning.


‘Characters’ is a journey into the essence of letters, evolving them beyond mere alphabetic symbols into visual dialogues. Each formation ignites a unique interaction, an interpretative dance between the viewer and the sculpture, unveiling new, personal meanings, thus enriching the continuity of exploration initiated by ‘Divnô’.